Silly Walks – Revenue & Downloads

It’s been more than half a year since we launched Silly Walks on the App Store. I’m all for publishing numbers behind products, so I’m sorry it took this long to come up with this post.

The game was developed together with Nitroyale and we split everything 50/50. The figures here are the total revenue and download numbers.

The game was developed in about 4 months and it was the biggest success of Part Time Monkey‘s self-published titles to date, which might’ve been a reason for me becoming a little shy with the figures. I hope this inspires other indie developers as much as it gives confident to myself!


The game got massive featuring during its launch and rose up to the Top 5 most downloaded games worldwide for a week or two. During the first week the game was downloaded around 1.5M times.

We did a few content and feature updates to the game which gave it further featuring down the line, and a little later it was chosen as Game of the Day, which happened worldwide over a period of time, perhaps a few months. It started just in the UK, then it spread to Europe, Asia and Africa, and later followed by US and China, which are the two biggest markets. 

Total download count to date is 3.25M of which 26% is from China and 18% from US.


The game uses Unity Ads exclusively and most (97%+) revenue came from that. We had multiple rewarded video ad placements and one skippable video after every 3rd game over. The rewarded ones were:

  • Revive on death (3 revives max per level)
  • Get currency through a Shop
  • Get high amount of currency on every 5th game over
  • Spin a Reward Spinner
  • Double the Reward Spinner reward
  • Get a new character (one video per character, 3 max)

The best performing ad was Revive, making 57% of all ad revenue. The next best was the skippable video ad with 17%, followed by Get-New-Character with 11%.

For in-app purchases we sold an “Infinite Dash” IAP for 1.99€ and multiple currency packs from 2.29€ to 21.99€. The Infinite Dash was the best-seller grabbing 35% in revenue of all in-app purchases.

Total revenue to date is around $270K of which $263K is from ads and $7K from in-app purchases.

We’re about to launch a new game within a month so let’s talk soon.  😎👌


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