Frequently Asked Questions

We vary from 2 to 5 people: sometimes we have freelancers developing with us, sometimes it’s just us. We have part time people helping us in marketing and finances.

We think efficiency comes through experience and focus; being able to steer away from time-consuming decisions early on throughout a project and knowing how the different processes evolve from start to finish.

You can read a whole lot more about it in our blog post:

We’re a small indie studio from Helsinki, Finland and work full-time as game developers. But we get it, the name might be confusing.

All our games can be found here or by searching on your devices app store.

Unity! We’ve created all our games with Unity. It’s the best!

Tuomas just liked the way Part Time Monkey sounds in Finnish (osa-aika-apina).

No. Part Time Monkey is completely self-funded and runs with its income from games.

If you have further questions, send an email to