Silly Walks

Silly Walks is a one-tap adventure game where everyday-household-objects have come to life! The evil Blender has kidnapped your friends for later blending-purposes – you must rescue them!

Play as a Pineapple, Cupcake, Hot Dog, Noodles, or as any of the many others – and avoid the henchmen of Blender, such as the Waffle Pan, Lawn Mower, Vacuum, Cleavers and much more!

Row Row

Tropical rivers and steamy white waters await! Paddle down streams as fast you can with your favorite boat!

Become the Master Paddler and beat everyone in the leaderboards in each level!

Space Frontier

Blast off to the stratosphere in Space Frontier, the addictive physics rocket game!

Your mission is to launch your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Use simple touch controls to release each stage of your rocket. Earn in-game currency from successful launches and spend it to acquire new parts and styles.

Space Frontier 2

Space adventure awaits! And this time, humanity has no limits!

Space Frontier 2 is a sequel to the insanely popular Space Frontier, a game that rose to the stratosphere with 25+ Million downloads.

Hitty Knife

Put your knife throwing skills to the test in Hitty Knife! Choose your weapon and take aim; endless waves of challenging targets await.

Tap and launch your knife through the skies and hit the elusive bullseye!

Pogo Sky

Take to the skies with nothing but your quick reactions and a sweet POGO stick!

Battle your way through an increasingly tough terrain; bouncing, swerving and souring through an endless world of colors, shapes and surprises.

Great Race - Route 66

Cruise across America, all the way from lush Illinois to the shores of California!

Choose your favorite Classic Car from a vintage collection and beat the competition, but remember to stop every now and then to enjoy the attractions along the way.

Breakout Ninja

A Ninja cannot be seen. If you see it, it’s not a Ninja. Break out in Breakout Ninja and be the number one out-breaking Ninja! Compete against friends, destroy buildings and beat the bad guys!


Do you like explosions? And monkeys? And bananas? Monkeyrama has it all. Over a hundred levels of action with lots of different physics based puzzles!

Monkeyrama was Part Time Monkey’s first ever project, and still remains as the highest-rated one!

Tasty Time!

The candy monster is hungry – it’s Tasty Time!

Slide delicious candy across the 100 hand-crafted levels and keep the monster happy and stuffed! Some puzzles are tricky so they will require some brainpower, but sure you can handle that.

In 'n Out

Slide food and drinks across the board to match the goal and finish the level! Very easy to pick up, but quite hard to put down. 


Take aim and blast your cannon towards all the colourful Pegs! Clear all the Pink Pegs to clear a level, but take advantage of all the quirky special objects, like Cannon, Cowboy, Trampoline, Physical Pegs and more!

Ball Grabbers

Due to the lack of good couch-gaming, local multiplayer games, we’re developing one with a tongue-in-cheek attitude! 

Challenge your friends to a duel of some Ball Grabbing action and let the balls loose!

Space Bang

 The Evil Overlord has stolen your Gravity Beams and is about to rule the galaxy! Only you can help, become the hero now!

Fly through gorgeous galaxies, space stations and nebulaes in this action-packed space shoot ’em up. Gear up for all sorts of asteroids, obstacles and enemies and travel the Speed of Light!